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History of Chas Stewart Plumbing & Heating

Chas Stewart Plumbing Company History and Facts

Founded in Perth more than 40 years ago, highly regarded plumbing and heating engineering company Chas Stewart has their head office in the Fair City of Perth and operates throughout Scotland.

In an era of faceless, online, national operations, it still enjoys strong family ties, with a third generation now playing an active part in the success story.

The business was founded in 1978 by the father of the current managing director Steven Stewart. His mother, brother and daughter are all part of the fabric of this expanding firm which has an enviable reputation for their quality of workmanship and the delivery of a reliable service.

The company is based in Perth’s prestigious Dunkeld Road, near the Royal Bank of Scotland offices and Stagecoach world headquarters. Broadening its horizons, Chas Stewart Plumbing & Heating Engineers has continually expanded their operations and provides services to residential and commercial properties, the public sector, housing associations, and commergial agents and landlords throughout Scotland.