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Title: An essential yet sometimes overlooked piece of maintenance!

A common job for us at Chas Stewart Plumbing & Heating Engineers is gutter cleaning - so often overlooked by property owners as a general maintenance job, if the guttering is left blocked it may become damaged, causing additional knock-on problems and also a hefty cost in repair.

Gutters are a vital part of your property infrastructure as they collect rainwater and redirect it away from the sides of the building and the roof. It can also carry away some rotting leaves etc but it’s inevitable that an eventual build-up will occur and the gutters need to be cleaned. And given our Scottish climate with lots of wind and rain, this can be an all too common problem and exasperated further if your home is near trees.

So what problems can be caused you may ask?

Well, when a gutter s blocked it causes water to pool at the bottom of the property, the soil becomes saturated and this leads to rising damp problems. Rising damp is where moisture moves through the bricks and walls and floors and can cause damage to the actual structure of the property. But it’s not just the bottom of the building where the water can pool, water can pool near the roof which can cause further damp problems. And a blocked gutter can cause water to come down the side of the house which causes mould on the building exterior, damage to paintwork etc

So, allowing the guttering to block can cause damage in lots of areas of your property and these problems can be costly to repair and resolve. So it’s important to ensure that there is no build-up and getting a professional to clean your guttering is a sensible and cost-effective option.

Give  us a call on 01738 627701 and we can provide a quote for you and give you some peace of mind that there will be no winter emergencies when the winds and rain start!


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